Homework Disasters and Tantrums

“Can I help you?,” I asked during a homework scream storm, secretly hoping for a loud “NO!” but instead got a “Sure! fix this!” shot at me like a dare. Then she hurled her notebook across the room. Oh man! All her math vocabulary words that she was supposed to glue to the pages of her notebook… well the pages were now stuck together in one big sticky mess because of MY STUPID GLUE! LOL. Wait. So not funny. NIGHTMARE. So what do I do? I painstakingly separate all the pages and recopy the words page by page… for gluing with her glue stick not my Elmer’s glue, which obviously wasn’t the right glue for the job. Oh the things we moms do. Fortunately, for me, the copier is near the Patron. It’s all good. And I’m noticing while a line segment may be part of a line with two endpoints, a temper tantrum has three… A beginning, middle and an END.