Say What?


A woman on the beach just asked me “Is your dog’s tail real?”. I thought for sure she was joking but it was clear she was not. So, I said “Yes she’s 100% real dog”.  Then she said, “Well you never know these days so I thought I’d ask. You know cause I thought maybe you had a stick holding it up or something”. Then (while I stood looking stunned probably with my mouth open) she went on to explain how upside down the world is by saying her daughter and her son-in-law came home with scented bowling balls (like GO figure?) hers is bubblegum…his is vanilla.” And I was like oh now your tail comment makes so much more sense. Not. LOL. Actually I just stood there looking over at my dog’s tail.


What God Made

I see him out jogging along the beach pretty often. He’s a tall man with very dark skin that contrasts sharply with the white running suit he wears with the hood tightly cinched around his face. He has a slow steady gait. This morning, as he caught up with me on the path, he jogged backwards alongside me for a short bit smiling. He stayed there only long enough to tell me he’d “seen what God made”.