Baby Face

I apologize in advance to my friends and relatives who may think this is TMI and my friends and contemporaries who will find this hilariously embarrassing (not that I’m posting it but that it has taken me this long… please god don’t tell me you guys have been whispering behind my back) but today I finally succumbed to an upper lip wax. I know right?

I’d never had one before. I was like, well, if I can’t see the “mustache” hair probably nobody else can? Apparently I have bad eye sight. The amazingly skilled woman who does my eyebrows (she has 34 years experience… in LA…with the stars.. she’ll remind me if I give her the chance. Impressive right? Whatever. She is very good at what she does though…OK… first flashback to anyone who has been reading my FB posts for years who remembers my sudden and embarrassing realization that I had, for like my entire life, been sporting “depression” brows which was what they were calling untamed brows during the economic downturn– it was hip then to let your brows go natural because nobody could afford to get them waxed– and I’ve been seeing her ever since– because I so don’t need depression anything on me if it can be removed!), she, Kim, suggested I get my lips “cleaned up”. Omg! Say no more, OK?! I had no idea my lips needed cleaning up. So I said sure of course. Please do.

What Kim neglected to tell me is it hurts like a motherf*****– even more than the bikini area which we won’t discuss here but perhaps at some point. So, yeah, I’m here to tell you I LOVE the upper lip waxing, despite the pain. I don’t think there’s any going back. I’m a total baby face. I’d post a photo, but that would be a little too weird. I can’t say why writing about it seems normal and showing a photo feels weird to me but it does.

Anyway, I was there (at the spa) with my sister as a belated birthday gift to her. She is wiser than I am perhaps and simply relaxed for a “rejuvenating facial”. Maybe she’ll be inspired to do the waxing next year? Not that I can actually see the need for it…but it does feel kinda good afterwards.


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