Home Sweet Home

10687003_10205181771214795_4253426716890030084_nWhen I travel home from Detroit I usually spend some time fantasizing about what it would be like to move back there and live in a bigger house with a garage, a garage that could actually fit a car. Maybe this house would even have a basement and a second bathroom? I imagine what it would feel like to afford more stuff…stuff like, I don’t know, new furniture.

I fantasize about quitting my job and becoming an artist. I’d maybe live in Cass Corridor (which, by the way, is way cooler than it was when I went to Cass Tech in the 80’s) and dabble in some urban farming like the hipsters do. I’d ride my bike around town and bring homegrown organic mixed lettuces to a stand at the Eastern Market.  I stare at the clouds outside the airplane window and ponder the big question of why I try to raise children as a single mom somewhere so expensive as the Bay Area when I could live somewhere affordable, like Detroit?

But then as I approach the SFO tarmac, as we glide in just above the water, I remember this is the rugged path that my heart followed all the way from Michigan 25 years ago and this is my home now.  It’s true I don’t have much room or savings, but I love my simple life on the northern coast of California.

Recently I came across a list for simplifying…ideas for “eschewing chaos for peace and spending your time doing what’s important to you”.  It really resonates with me. Maybe some of you will find it interesting if not helpful. Simplifying is a lifelong process I’m in the middle of…and just to clarify, I don’t agree with having a wardrobe of all solids that match each other unless you are a park service ranger. It’s just too boring. But the other things, they seem worth thinking about if not striving for– especially spending more time with people you love.

Here it is…

short list:
1. identify what’s most important to you
2. eliminate everything else
longer list:
simple living manifesto

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Colt Lawton June 9, 2015 / 10:24 am

    Nice! I used to have the same daydreams about moving to California. 🙂

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