A New Challenge in Chinatown

While waiting for a guy to squeeze his Suburban into a compact space, I wondered why he wasn’t just taking the space three up from him that was for bigger cars like his? Then I noticed the white lettering on the pavement of this particular space “YOU ARE ONE OF THE GREAT LOVERS” .


Sitting there trapped until he got it all sorted out, I started to notice that every single space had a different fortune.  Hahaha! His efforts started to make sense. Several minutes later, after he was awkwardly wedged in (and don’t ask me how he opened the door to get out), I drove on.

First I passed up one that read  “YOU KNOW MORE THAN THE NEXT GUY” (I’m like duh and that’s exactly why I’m not parking THERE). Then I passed up “HAPPINESS IS TRYING TO CATCH YOU” (trying to catch me? no thanks) “GOOD THINGS ARE BEING SAID ABOUT YOU” (yeah right)… I kept passing up… and passing up… really getting into thinking about whether or not I wanted a particular message attached to me all night and thinking I know I can do better.

But after driving up three more floors than necessary and getting later and later for where I was going, I finally settled on my last option before having to return down again and start my search all over from the bottom “YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR IS ENJOYED BY ALL”.


(Maybe it’s not be true but I thought to myself… I can live with that). And that’s what started all the laughing that night… and it just got better with my friends celebrating their 40th birthdays together with all their fun funny friends, including me. Good times.


2 thoughts on “A New Challenge in Chinatown

  1. kat April 22, 2015 / 11:59 pm

    i absolutely love these past writings.. thank you for the often short prose.. I am smiling thinking about the red shorts..


    • Julie April 23, 2015 / 12:03 am

      Thanks for letting me know! More to come…stay tuned!


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