Mom? Why Do People Have Eyebrows?

As my daughter was drifting off to sleep she said “you know what it feels like when you really get into your dreams mom? it feels like… like… you’re falling” and she was out like a light. That was right after she asked a very serious question that took most of our brain power “Mom? Why do people have eyelashes and eyebrows?” I explained the protection factor of eyelashes but was stumped about eyebrows– hadn’t really ever thought about it really… I guessed something vague about how eyebrows can sort of help you communicate feelings to other people without words– like looking surprised or sad- but I admitted I wasn’t really sure. After talking over some possibilities she concluded, “Well, I think eyebrows are just so we’re all fancy and our faces look different from each other but I’m going to ask my doctor next time i see her”. Sounded good to me.


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