Failing Memory

A failing memory (or let’s call it an overloaded brain) has some advantages. Like when you forget you bought a dark chocolate bar (caramel with black sea salt) and a week later you stumble upon it while looking for your keys (like I just did)–score! Then for at least the next five minutes you forget you were looking for your keys and then if you remember ‘oh yeah I was looking for my keys’, you completely forgot where you need to go and why finding your keys was so important in the first place… so, you sit back down at the computer and get to work again without wasting time going on that errand that wasn’t that important after all, right? Unless you were supposed to go pick up your kids? Hmm…Oh man where are the kids right now anyway? I can’t remember. HA! I’m kidding. Don’t worry. They’re in the oven and yes, I remembered to set the timer.


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