Syrup Drops

syrup drops

I thought my daughter was wasting time on my phone this morning when I needed her to eat the waffles I made and get ready for school…but when she explained what was distracting her (the maple syrup she spilled had dropped in perfect, tiny balls all in one line on the table cloth) and what she needed to do (photograph them using my phone) before she could eat, I realized in fact she was right. She did need to do that first and then eat.



Sometimes when I look at this photo, I play a game asking myself which person I am in any given situation. Often I’m somewhere close to the third guy to the right, with my tail a bit stuck in the muck, but I’m reaching forward knowing the fourth is ultimately the one I want to be.

The sculpture called “Freedom” is by Zenos Frudakis. It’s in Philadephia, PA on 16th and Vine Streets. From Frudakis’s statement about his vision for the sculpture:

Although for me, this feeling sprang from a particular personal situation, I was conscious that it was a universal desire with almost everyone; that need to escape from some situation – be it an internal struggle or an adversarial circumstance, and to be free from it.